Factory Direct Premium Custom Sails

Weak Euro means low prices on Sails!

If you are interested in buying a new Spinnaker, Gennaker, Code 0 or Screecher, we have good discount prices on these sails now. The sails on special price are full radial cut using Contender Maxilite or Challenge Fibermax. We also have Dimension Polyant CPN 140 and 180 in stock.

To buy a sail or get a special price, we need the vessels I and J measurement. The "J" for spinnakers is the measurement from the sails tack point to the mast. We also need the measurement from Deck to the spinnaker halyard sheave (I).

Normally, we have colored spinnaker cloth for .75, .9 and 1.5 oz cloth. For Code 0 sails, we have Maxikote 200 and Superkote 250 in natural as well as some special Code 0 laminates.

We do supply Torsion Ropes with our furling sails and we have spinnaker socks and tackers also available at discount prices. Gennakers are technically Asymmetrical Spinnakers. These asymmetrics can be tailored to special needs in our sail design department

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